Excellence is a Way of Travel…
Not a Destination

Excellence: It’s a point you reach where you’re world-class at something, right?

Seems to make sense in the abstract, but it doesn’t explain why:

  • Professional athletes often times beat their own world records.
  • Serial entrepreneurs often start a second of third business that’s bigger than the first.
  • Happy couples who have been married over 20 years seem to behave just like when they first met.

Here’s the thing: research shows that the true key to “excellence” is rather different from a destination you reach.

  • Excellence is a descriptive word used mostly by people who are watching outstanding performers.
  • Outstanding performers consistently apply themselves to the activities they excel at.
  • Outstanding performers are reaching way further than others can imagine.

We think that you can finally arrive at the point of excellence. But it’s more accurate to realize that excellence is a way of life that we can choose and commit to forever, starting right now.

Excellence and becoming the best at something are not about landing in paradise.

It’s your personal journey and desired potential that’s important. This means the secret to excellence is to consistently reach for the next level… and beyond.

Also, your ability to achieve what you want comes from within you. Your success rides on your ability to stand out in what you think, what you say and what you do.

Outstanding performance depends on the context. Many strategies aren’t effective because they presume that what performs in one context will also perform in a different one. However, what makes a fantastic employee in one context might be completely different from what makes a fantastic employee in another.

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is the attitude and methodology that will assist you in that journey.

NLP makes it possible for you to distill effectiveness, codify it into a model and then make it better so that it satisfies your specific needs for your specific context.

Furthermore, NLP can help you:

  • Speed up your learning so you can not only handle change, but also kickstart it. This allows you to lead in your field.
  • Develop new approaches to deal with change, no matter what happens.
  • Leave behind disempowering patterns and habits that constrain your development.
  • Unleash the talents and skills that will support you today and tomorrow.
  • Receive feedback so that it allows you to leverage your customers, colleagues and friends to create new products.
  • Set attractive goals that increase the probability that you will achieve them.
  • Develop constructive relationships with worthwhile people that can help you boost your career.
  • Increase your awareness of yourself and others, so that you can detect tiny changes in their disposition and behavior.
  • Become more flexible so you can attack problems with more approaches.
  • Increase your ability to influence and persuade.
  • Take control of your emotions.
  • Tap into your unconscious mind and leverage its might.

As you learn more and more about NLP, you will develop your own applications. That’s the real power of NLP. In the world of business, NLP will give you the edge in communication, strategic and design thinking, personal and team motivation, influence and persuasion, leadership and negotiation, empowerment, remodeling of business processes, and the list goes on. Name an area of business, and NLP will help you become more effective in it.

Overally, the purpose for learning and mastering NLP is to become even more capable of learning.

This gives an unfair advantage over most people, especially the ones who are looking for cookie-cutter answers.

You just don’t have the time…

That said, you don’t have the time to sift through the mountain of NLP-related literature, videos and training programs released online every day. More importantly, you don’t have time to separate the bullshit and exaggerated claims from the substance, the solid intelligence that helps you model outstanding performers and get to excellence.

That’s my job, and I deliver only the best morsels (a paragraph or two) every day by email. Here’s a bit about dailyNLP’s editorial selection process:

  • Models: Towering above any particular behavioral pattern, there’s usually a psychological model lurking. For instance, to be able to apply a particular management strategy, you usually need to have some key beliefs and values in place. That’s why mental models are the foundation of your excellence.
  • Strategies: At the root of any result that an outstanding performer produces consistently, you will find strategies. Strategies are the recipes, the playbooks that dictate the specific actions needed to produce a specific result in a specific way. Their consistent application will lead you to excellence faster than any other path we know so far.
  • Protocols: NLP is famous for its modeling methodology and its changework techniques. I call this methodology and these change techniques “protocols.” They act as meta-patterns that allow you to install and modify models and strategies in your own model of the world.

By training and mastering what you learn on this site and owning the material, you will begin to stand out in what you do. You will achieve more of your goals and you will become more of yourself.

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Skeptical? Even better. dailyNLP’s mission is to equip you with the substance instead of the hype, and separate the facts from the fads. We’re in this together, as I share with you what I’ve discovered and applied over more than 15 years of working with NLP.

Stay consistent,

Martin Messier
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