1776 All Over Again

1_WTC_renderingThe World Trade Center is back up. Now the One World Trade Center. It’s officially the tallest building in the United Sates at 1776 feet.

This means a lot to many people in the United States.

Talk about an anchor!

Symbols are among the most powerful anchors that exist. They call forth states like few other triggers.

Anchors are like the icons on your computer. Double-click them and the states show up, invariably, unless you uninstall them — AKA, collapse.

Stop for a second to answer this question: Are you skilled at anchoring?

So, what’s your answer?




If you’ve answered anything other than “yes,” you’re mistaken.

You’re an ace at anchoring. We all are. It’s the natural way our nervous system operates and learns: it creates links between stimuli.

If you don’t believe you’re great at anchoring, that means you probably want to use it voluntarily to control someone’s state or strategy.

What will come to your help at this moment?

The #1 NLP skill: observation. And its cousing: calibration.

Pay attention. Notice when people have repeated or patterned reactions to something you do.

You’re already anchoring people. You simply don’t know when or how.

Watch. Listen.

These are your two critical assets.

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