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Strategy – Develop Your Photographic Memory

Here’s a strategy I recently learned from a buddy of mine of how to train and develop your photographic memory. He tells me this system is used by army officers and soldiers to train in observation skills and their own photographic memory. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to confirm this fact anywhere on the internet.

Follow these instructions to the letter. Practice every day and you’ll get results within 30 days. As you become more proficient in the skill, you will find that you apply it constantly in your daily life.

Tools you will need

  • A desk lamp
  • A black sheet of paper
  • A document or book you want to memorize


1. Set some time to practice. 10-15 minutes will be ideal.

2. Find a quiet place in your living quarters. You have to be able to make it dark. If you have blackout curtains in your room, use them. A closet can also serve you well. Take your desk lamp into that room and plug it into an outlet.

3. Cut out a rectangular hole in your black sheet of paper. Make it about the size of a paragraph.

4. Place the black sheet over the book or document. Put the hole over the text you want to memorize.

5. Calibrate the distance between your eyes and the document. Put it at a distance where your eyes can focus instantly on the writing.

6. Turn off all lights. Your eyes will begin to adjust to the dark. You will notice a certain “phantom light” as they become familiar with the new light settings.

7. Turn on the lamp for a split second and turn it off.

8. Your eyes will have photographed the exposed paragraph in the document of book. Pay attention to that picture. When it completely fades out, turn on the lamp again for a split second and turn it back off. Remember to continuously focus on the document.

9. Do this repeatedly until you can recite the entire paragraph without making mistakes. Eventually, you will see it in your mind’s eye, as a picture, and you will be able to read off of it easily.

When you associate the practice of this technique with the exercises you’ll find in the Free Training Guide, you will find all your other skills improve rapidly.

What are you waiting for? Get your Training Guide and go practice!