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On Calibrating The Lower Lip

This blog (whose author I couldn’t identify) had a neat little post on calibrating lower lip changes.

Another non verbal response when communicating with someone is lower lip changes. […] These are nearly impossible to control. Changes in color, texture, size, firmness, trembling etc [of the lip]. This requires some practice, but if you start paying attention and take mental snap shots, you’ll soon begin to notice these changes, and what they mean to a specific person.

Great example of subtle calibration cues! It points to all other apparently minor cues you can pay attention to when eliciting or testing a response.

10 Indicators That You're Learning NLP Effectively - May 21, 2012

[…] As you sharpen your sensory acuity, you will begin detecting and recognizing patterns more effectively. You will be able to recognize the facial movements, gestures, postural changes, eye position and other cues associated to specific thought patterns. This will enable you to track your clients’ train of thought and states by observing their physiology. […]

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