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How Hyundai Sells Cars Using Hypnosis

For the first time, as far as I can remember, a company has decided to use hypnosis openly to sell their gear.

Hyundai hired professional hypnotist Peter Powers to shoot a commercial. In it, Peter hypnotizes three women into loving the car. In a classic stage hypnosis fashion, he leads the women to perform all kinds of silly acts involving the vehicle.

Here’s the trailer:

The trailer got me curious. So I used a proxy server from the Netherlands to be able to watch the complete video.

I love the fact that a company had the guts to go with a straight hypnosis induction and script to entice prospects to purchase their car.

I suggest you watch it as well. There are innumerable structures you can model from his induction and script. I suggest you follow the classic NLP modeling method: replicate results and only then seek to understand how you’re producing them.

You can watch the video by going here. Once again, remember to use a proxy if you’re unable to access it from wherever you are.