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The Giving Machine

My colleagues and I are exploring a completely new business model.

It’s revolutionary.

Super high tech.

It’s called giving.

Over the past few weeks, we have been giving increasing amounts to various causes/people, and noticing the almost immediate increase in our business.

The increase in business is nice.

What’s even nicer is the effect on our psyche.

Giving is one of the most irrational things someone can do.

Or perhaps I should say, transrational.

Understanding giving requires going beyond the rational.

Funny thing is, I don’t feel I’ve gotten there yet.

I don’t quite understand how it works or what we’re doing.

In some cases, the giving feels like a stretch.

In other cases, it’s a bit easier.

But giving appears the be the channel to making magic happen.

I’m blown away by what’s going on in my businesses.

I’m surprised by the effects experienced by my coaching clients.

I’m taken aback by how much happier I feel on a day-to-day basis.

So let’s bring this back to you — although this entire message has been about you anyway.

What are you doing right now to harness that power?

Do you give on a regular basis?

Are you afraid of giving? Why or why not?

Do you know people who give freely on a regular basis? What would happen if you did one-minute modeling with them?

You want a better life. Give more.

You want more business. Give more.

Quite honestly, there’s no better ROI on the market than giving.

Not Going Fast Enough

I got a few emails yesterday from readers who haven’t received messages since Friday.

If it also happened to you, you can read Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday’s messages on the blog. Here are the links:




Now, let’s get going!

Yesterday I held the last Belief Relief training session. It was awesome, and I want to thank all the lucky participants who now have a heck of a tool in their kit.

We had a great time and I look forward to the next training round – definitely not for another few months.

This week has been amazing so far.

Monday, I gave the biggest keynote of my life and sold more books than I ever did before in one sitting.

Tuesday, fantastic meetings in my business. The next phase of our existence is right around the corner.

Yesterday, closed training sessions for Belief Relief. Yes!

Today, I’m getting a breather.

Tomorrow early morning, I’ll be on my way to South Brazil to give another keynote (smaller) about using Social Media in the classroom.


Mario Andretti used to say that if you’re in complete control of the car, you’re not going fast enough.

Now I understand what he means.

There’s something strangely exhilarating about pressing on the accelerator and gearing up.

Life becomes a blur.

I’ve always been outstanding at slowing down. But now, I’m learning how to speed up at a dizzying pace.

Get things started and keep them moving.

And that’s only possible through the power of team.

It’s only possible by being in sync with other people running in the same direction and on the same frequency.

Natural rapport, if you know what I mean.

So I have a dare for you today:

I dare you to look me up on Voxer and start a conversation with me.

I guarantee you I’ll reply. Whether we keep going will be up to you.

Superman Rocks The Class!

A friend of mine shared the following video with me on Facebook yesterday:

Watch it. It lasts only 42 seconds.

But it’s powerful. Really powerful.

The question I asked myself at the end was:

“Would I pull this off?”

I’ll give you my answer at the end of the message.

Ask yourself the same question.

Would you or wouldn’t you?

Why or why not?

And then, ask yourself “How do I know the answer I just gave?”

What prevents you from doing something like that?

Can you imagine how free this guy is?

Literally, he can do ANYTHING he wants.

He literally broke everyone’s pattern in the class and made everybody laugh.

The video stops at 42 seconds. I’m wondering what happened afterwards.

One thing is for sure.

That class was no longer the same.

He completely shook things up.

So maybe you won’t dress as Superman and run around in class, but how will you make people’s day?

I dare you to come up with something as cool and then send me a video of you doing it.

Of course, I’ll share it with everybody here. Goes without saying.

And yes, I committed to doing it. I’m already looking for my Superman costume.

He Figures Out How To Get The Blonde

Do you spend any time whatsoever on Facebook and other social networks?

I do.

At least once a day, I head over to Facebook and have a look at what’s going on in people’s mind.

I’m usually surprised by what sticks and what spreads.

I don’t know about you, but I find it VERY hard to look over all that stuff – most of it nonsense – and not judge what I see.

Probably a lot of or most people think the same way about what I post.

The real magic happens when I suspend judgment. Suspend internal dialogue.

That’s when I can perceive patterns emerge in what’s being shared.

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