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  • The daily philosophy you must adopt now to build your skills fast.
  • A free training guide on the #1 NLP skill you must master.
  • A one-page, step-by-step roadmap to guide you in learning and mastering Neurolinguistic Programming

Here's what some of my readers and clients have to say...
“A daily dose of NLP is exactly what I needed to get my new chocolate business off the ground. Martin's ability to hone in on identifying and removing blockages enabled me to effortlessly move forward with action.”

David Welsh
London, England

“Martin Messier can take any problem or any challenge and shine a completely different light on it that you've never seen, which allows people to access their greatest freedom.”

Justin Finkelstein
Long Island City, New York
“Fantastic site, I love it! I actually forwarded the site to all my friends, we are in our second year studying hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and nlp master. Thanks a lot!”

Monica Varo

“Very informative. Thanks a lot. I feel nlp is something I need to devote the majority of my time to. I’m actually going out tomorrow to practice observing people and trying to feel like what it is to be them like your guide suggested. If you have any more recommendations on reading, it would be greatly appreciate. Thanks a lot.”

Steve McBride
“What a simple process which can get to the heart of disempowering beliefs rapidly. Thank You.”

Rob Morton

“Love it. Very great take, it is my experience (as a previous professional NLPer who knows many other professional NLPers) that most people tend to be reactive. You seem to have been very active in learning more and more drills and applying them in more and more ways. Very cool.
I found you via Googling “NLP propulsion systems”. Loved your recording of it! Thanks!”

Felix Niland
“Wow, you have the gift to frame things in a way that is compelling and easy to “take home”…. Thanks Martin, you’re awesome.”

Conrad Rozario

“Hey Martin, thanks for the personal touch. Ive always been facinated on how some people seem to posess more control than others. So now I'm on board and want to push my awareness, and skill level. Just from using a couple of thing from your site mainly “observation” I feel more in tune already. Keep up the outstanding work, it is appreciated”

Sean Huiswood
“I’m very impressed with your website and am using your exercises. I will be implementing a lot more of my NLP skills with your idea of committing to 15 minutes a day.”

Eileen Hutchinson

“Only just started to study NLP and the information you have sent simplifies what could be a complete mine field of jargon. Was finding it difficult to swish myself, however the recent links on SMD’s has helped me immensely. Please keep the information coming. Many thanks for sharing this with me I feel privileged.”

Michelle Hunter Smith